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Gene Symbol:
BGLAP Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
bone gamma-carboxyglutamate protein
BGP, OC, OCN, osteocalcin, bone gamma-carboxyglutamate (gla) protein (osteocalcin), gamma-carboxyglutamic acid-containing protein
Genomic Location:
Chr 1: 154478629-154479736
This gene encodes a highly abundant bone protein secreted by osteoblasts that regulates bone remodeling and energy metabolism. The encoded protein contains a Gla (gamma carboxyglutamate) domain, which functions in binding to calcium and hydroxyapatite, the mineral component of bone. Serum osteocalcin levels may be negatively correlated with metabol...
Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus Macaca mulatta Pan troglodytes Bos taurus Canis lupus familiaris
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chr 1

Transcripts Names
Protein Names

GO Molecular Function

structural molecule activity | cation binding | hydroxyapatite binding | ion binding | structural constituent of bone | calcium ion binding | metal ion binding

GO Biological Process

response to extracellular stimulus | response to nutrient levels | establishment of localization | regulation of immune system process | response to hormone | response to hydroxyisoflavone | response to metal ion | bone development | cell differentiation | bone mineralization | cellular response to extracellular stimulus | response to drug | response to antibiotic | intracellular transport | regulation of bone remodeling | cellular process | localization | odontogenesis | osteoblast development | response to growth factor | regulation of myeloid cell differentiation | response to inorganic substance | establishment of localization in cell | regulation of bone mineralization | tissue development | regulation of myeloid leukocyte differentiation | regulation of cell differentiation | regulation of cellular process | cellular response to lipid | response to gravity | response to stimulus | cellular response to vitamin | cellular localization | response to alcohol | cellular response to organic cyclic compound | response to vitamin D | response to ethanol | response to phenylpropanoid | system development | cellular response to nutrient levels | cellular response to vitamin D | multicellular organism development | response to activity | regulation of ossification | response to ketone | response to lipid | animal organ morphogenesis | response to corticosteroid | vesicle-mediated transport | response to nutrient | response to toxic substance | response to estrogen | cell communication | response to testosterone | response to zinc ion | Golgi vesicle transport | cell aging | cellular response to nutrient | response to organic substance | regulation of hemopoiesis | response to mechanical stimulus | anatomical structure development | regulation of bone resorption | regulation of tissue remodeling | cell adhesion | response to vitamin | animal organ development | regulation of cellular response to insulin stimulus | biomineral tissue development | regulation of osteoclast differentiation | ER to Golgi vesicle-mediated transport | response to organic cyclic compound | cell development | anatomical structure morphogenesis | regulation of developmental process | response to vitamin K | developmental process | ossification | osteoblast differentiation | skeletal system development | cellular response to organic substance | response to steroid hormone | aging | response to glucocorticoid | cellular response to growth factor stimulus | multicellular organismal process

GO Cellular Component

dendrite | intracellular membrane-bounded organelle | neuron projection | somatodendritic compartment | cell body | cell | neuronal cell body | cytoplasm | intracellular organelle | endoplasmic reticulum | dendritic tree | Golgi apparatus | cell projection | endomembrane system | perikaryon | vesicle | endoplasmic reticulum lumen | extracellular region | membrane-bounded organelle | organelle | extracellular space | membrane-enclosed lumen | rough endoplasmic reticulum | intracellular | Golgi lumen