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Gene Symbol:
CDA Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
cytidine deaminase
CDD, cytidine deaminase, cytidine aminohydrolase, cytosine nucleoside deaminase, small cytidine deaminase
Genomic Location:
Chr 1: 20788031-20817988
This gene encodes an enzyme involved in pyrimidine salvaging. The encoded protein forms a homotetramer that catalyzes the irreversible hydrolytic deamination of cytidine and deoxycytidine to uridine and deoxyuridine, respectively. It is one of several deaminases responsible for maintaining the cellular pyrimidine pool. Mutations in this gene are as...
Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus C. elegans Saccharomyces cerevisiae Macaca mulatta Schizosaccharomyces pombe Canis lupus familiaris Danio rerio Bos taurus Pan troglodytes Gallus gallus
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Cytogenetic Map:
chr 1

Transcripts Names
Protein Names

GO Molecular Function

hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in cyclic amidines | cation binding | hydrolase activity | carbohydrate derivative binding | catalytic activity | hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds | identical protein binding | cytidine deaminase activity | ion binding | deaminase activity | organic cyclic compound binding | protein binding | protein homodimerization activity | zinc ion binding | protein dimerization activity | transition metal ion binding | nucleoside binding | metal ion binding | heterocyclic compound binding | small molecule binding

GO Biological Process

cytosine metabolic process | pyrimidine nucleoside biosynthetic process | protein homooligomerization | exocytosis | neutrophil activation | pyrimidine nucleoside metabolic process | establishment of localization | negative regulation of cellular process | nucleoside catabolic process | cellular process | secretion | organic substance catabolic process | leukocyte degranulation | localization | carbohydrate derivative catabolic process | cytidine deamination | negative regulation of cellular metabolic process | regulation of cellular process | leukocyte activation | regulation of metabolic process | catabolic process | organic cyclic compound metabolic process | cellular aromatic compound metabolic process | cellular component organization | negative regulation of nucleotide metabolic process | response to stimulus | neutrophil degranulation | leukocyte activation involved in immune response | cellular nitrogen compound biosynthetic process | secretion by cell | cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process | carbohydrate derivative biosynthetic process | negative regulation of metabolic process | cellular component assembly | cellular biosynthetic process | nucleobase-containing compound catabolic process | nitrogen compound metabolic process | negative regulation of growth | negative regulation of phosphate metabolic process | protein complex oligomerization | leukocyte mediated immunity | nucleoside metabolic process | cytidine catabolic process | nucleobase-containing small molecule catabolic process | regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process | small molecule metabolic process | vesicle-mediated transport | protein homotetramerization | cytidine deaminase activity | nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic process | biosynthetic process | aromatic compound biosynthetic process | regulated exocytosis | protein tetramerization | cell communication | regulation of cellular metabolic process | cell activation involved in immune response | myeloid cell activation involved in immune response | aromatic compound catabolic process | neutrophil activation involved in immune response | cytidine metabolic process | negative regulation of cell growth | pyrimidine nucleoside salvage | protein-containing complex assembly | regulation of growth | pyrimidine-containing compound salvage | cell surface receptor signaling pathway | metabolic process | immune response | nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process | organic substance metabolic process | regulation of phosphate metabolic process | cell activation | organonitrogen compound catabolic process | pyrimidine nucleobase metabolic process | signaling | regulation of cell growth | carbohydrate derivative metabolic process | neutrophil mediated immunity | heterocycle metabolic process | immune system process | cellular metabolic process | regulation of cellular component organization | signal transduction | pyrimidine nucleoside catabolic process | regulation of phosphorus metabolic process

GO Cellular Component

secretory granule | tertiary granule | cytoplasmic vesicle | cell | cytoplasmic vesicle lumen | cytoplasm | intracellular organelle | ficolin-1-rich granule lumen | secretory vesicle | endomembrane system | vesicle | extracellular region | membrane-bounded organelle | organelle | tertiary granule lumen | membrane-enclosed lumen | secretory granule lumen | cytosol | intracellular vesicle | intracellular | vesicle lumen