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Gene Symbol:
SH3KBP1 Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
SH3 domain containing kinase binding protein 1
CD2BP3, CIN85, GIG10, HSB-1, HSB1, MIG18, SH3 domain-containing kinase-binding protein 1, CD2-binding protein 3, SH3-domain kinase binding protein 1, Src family kinase-binding protein 1, c-Cbl-interacting protein, cbl-interacting protein of 85 kDa, human Src family kinase-binding protein 1, migration-inducing gene 18, src-related kinase binding protein-1
Genomic Location:
Chr X: 19463441-19815640
This gene encodes an adapter protein that contains one or more N-terminal Src homology domains, a proline rich region and a C-terminal coiled-coil domain. The encoded protein facilitates protein-protein interactions and has been implicated in numerous cellular processes including apoptosis, cytoskeletal rearrangement, cell adhesion and in the regul...
Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus C. elegans Macaca mulatta Gallus gallus Pan troglodytes Bos taurus Canis lupus familiaris Danio rerio
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GO Molecular Function

SH3 domain binding | protein domain specific binding | protein binding

GO Biological Process

cell morphogenesis | cell motility | regulation of cell morphogenesis | neuron projection morphogenesis | establishment of localization | regulation of cell shape | negative regulation of cellular process | cell differentiation | nervous system development | cell part morphogenesis | neurogenesis | generation of neurons | membrane organization | cellular process | localization | cell projection morphogenesis | negative regulation of signaling | neuron development | axon guidance | regulation of cellular process | negative regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway | cellular component organization | response to stimulus | cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation | neuron projection guidance | programmed cell death | cell-cell signaling | locomotion | apoptotic process | system development | regulation of signal transduction | multicellular organism development | cell migration | axon development | vesicle-mediated transport | axonogenesis | cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation | cell communication | neuron differentiation | import into cell | anatomical structure development | cell projection organization | endocytosis | negative regulation of ERBB signaling pathway | neuron projection development | regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway | cell death | cytoskeleton organization | regulation of cell communication | negative regulation of signal transduction | signaling | cell development | regulation of ERBB signaling pathway | anatomical structure morphogenesis | regulation of developmental process | developmental process | organelle organization | chemotaxis | regulation of cellular component organization | regulation of signaling | multicellular organismal process

GO Cellular Component

synapse | neuron projection | adherens junction | organelle membrane | focal adhesion | cytoplasmic vesicle | cell | cytoplasm | cell-substrate junction | intracellular organelle | cell-cell junction | cell projection | plasma membrane | vesicle | membrane-bounded organelle | organelle | vesicle membrane | cell periphery | cell-substrate adherens junction | cytosol | intracellular vesicle | cytoskeleton | endocytic vesicle | intracellular | cell junction | membrane | cytoplasmic vesicle membrane