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Name: ibandronate
Name (isomeric): DB00710
Drug Type: small molecule
Ibandronate sodium monohydrate; R484; Ibandronic Acid; Ibandronate sodium
Brand: Boniva, Bondronat, Bonviva
Category: Antihypocalcemic Agents, Bisphosphonates, Bone Density Conservation Agents, Antiresorptives
CAS number: 114084-78-5
Indication: For the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
Ibandronate is a nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate in the same class as alendronate and risedronate. Ibandronate inhibits osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. All of the bisphosphonates prevent the breakdown of bone by bone cells called osteoclasts. In persons who are at high risk for osteoporosis, bisphosphonates not only result in increased amou...
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Mechanism of Action:
The action of ibandronate on bone tissue is based partly on its affinity for hydroxyapatite, which is part of the mineral matrix of bone. Nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates (such as pamidronate, alendronate, risedronate, ibandronate and zoledronate) appear to act as analogues of isoprenoid diphosphate lipids, thereby inhibiting farnesyl pyrophosph...
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Absorption: Poorly absorbed (mean bioavailability following a 2.5 mg oral dose is about 0.6% compared to intravenous dosing). Absorption is impaired by any kind of food or drink other than plain water.
Protein binding: 90.9 to 99.5% over an ibandronate concentration range of 2 to 10 ng/mL
Biotransformation: No evidence of ibandronate being metabolized in humans.
Route of elimination: Ibandronate is eliminated by renal excretion. Unabsorbed ibandronate is eliminated unchanged in the feces.
Half Life: 10-60 hours
Clearance: 84 to 160 mL/min [IV administration]
Toxicity: LD50 = 811 mg/kg (rat, oral), side effects include bronchitis, pneumonia and urinary tract infections.
Affected organisms: Humans and other mammals
Food interaction:
Take on an empty stomach. All foods markedly reduce (up to 90%) ibandronate bioavailabilty. Take with plain water (not mineralized) at least 1 hour before any food. Bioavailability and effect on bone density are both impaired if the patient eats or drinks in less than 1 hour after taking this product. Drink a large glass of water and stay in an upright position for at least 60 minutes after taking this product.
Drug interaction:
MagnesiumFormation of non-absorbable complexes
IronFormation of non absorbable complexes
Calcium ChlorideCalcium salts may decrease the serum concentration of bisphosphonate derivatives. Avoid administration of oral calcium supplements within 60 minutes after oral ibandronate.
AluminiumFormation of non absorbable complexes
Magnesium oxideFormation of non absorbable complexes
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