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Name: Pseudoephedrine
PubChem Compound ID: 7028
Description: A phenethylamine that is an isomer of EPHEDRINE which has less central nervous system effects and usage is mainly for respiratory tract decongestion.
Molecular formula: C10H15NO
Molecular weight: 165.232 g/mol
C02765; Benzenemethanol, alpha-((1S)-1-(methylamino)ethyl)-, (alpha-S)-; 30987-59-8; Spectrum3_001771; d-psi-Ephedrine; (+)-Pseudoephedrine; Lopac-E-3250; Pseudoefedrina [INN-Spanish]; Pseudoephedrinum [INN-Latin]; (1S,2S)-(+)-Pseudoephedrine.
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Name: Pseudoephedrine
Name (isomeric): DB00852
Drug Type: small molecule
Description: A phenethylamine that is an isomer of EPHEDRINE which has less central nervous system effects and usage is mainly for respiratory tract decongestion.
Brand: Psi-Ephedrine, D-Isoephedrine, Novafed, Efidac/24, Maxenal, Sudafed Decongestant, Afrin, Isoephedrine, Triaminic Infant Oral Decongestant Drops, Sudafed Decongestant Extra Strength, Benylin Decongestant, D-Pseudoephedrine, Pseudo-12, Cenafed, Pseudo 60's, Efidac 24 Pseudoephedrine Hcl, Myfedrine, Psi-Ephedrin, Sudafed, Pseudoephedrinum [INN-Latin], Pseudoephedrine Hcl, Pseudoephedrine D-Form, Genaphed, Sudafed Decongestant 12 Hour, Pseudoefedrina [INN-Spanish], Dimetapp Decongestant Pediatric Drops, Trans-Ephedrine, Afrinol, Dimetapp Decongestant, Sudafed 12 Hour, Decofed, Eltor 120, Chlor-Trimeton, Balminil Decongestant Syrup, Triaminic AM Decongestant Formula, Pseudo, Pedia Care, Besan, Drixoral Nasal Decongestant, Drixoral N.D., Pseudoephedrine Ephedrine, Robidrine
Brand name mixture:
Novahistex DM Expectorant with Decongestant(Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide + Guaifenesin + Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride), Sudafed Cold and Flu Gel Caps(Acetaminophen + Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide + Guaifenesin + Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride), Calmylin Cough and Flu Liq(Acetaminophen + Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide + Guaifenesin + Pseudoephedr...
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Category: Adrenergic Agents, Sympathomimetics, Vasoconstrictor Agents, Bronchodilator Agents, Central Nervous System Agents, Nasal Decongestants
CAS number: 90-82-4
Indication: For the treatment of nasal congestion, sinus congestion, Eustachian tube congestion, and vasomotor rhinitis, and as an adjunct to other agents in the optimum treatment of allergic rhinitis, croup, sinusitis, otitis media, and tracheobronchitis. Also used as first-line therapy of priapism.
Pseudoephedrine is a sympathomimetic agent, structurally similar to ephedrine, used to relieve nasal and sinus congestion and reduce air-travel-related otalgia in adults. The salts pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine sulfate are found in many over-the-counter preparations either as single-ingredient preparations, or more commonly in c...
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Mechanism of Action:
Pseudoephedrine acts directly on both alpha- and, to a lesser degree, beta-adrenergic receptors. Through direct action on alpha-adrenergic receptors in the mucosa of the respiratory tract, pseudoephedrine produces vasoconstriction. Pseudoephedrine relaxes bronchial smooth muscle by stimulating beta2-adrenergic receptors. Like ephedrine, pseudoephed...
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Absorption: Pseudoephedrine is readily and almost completely absorbed from the GI tract and there is no evidence of first-pass metabolism.
Protein binding: Pseudoephedrine does not bind to human plasma proteins over the concentration range of 50 to 2000 ng/mL
Biotransformation: Hepatic.
Half Life: 9-16 hours
Toxicity: Common adverse reactions include nervousness, restlessness, and insomnia. Rare adverse reactions include difficult/painful urination, dizziness/lightheadedness, heart palpitations, headache, increased sweating, nausea/vomiting, trembling, troubled breathing, unusual paleness, and weakness.
Affected organisms: Humans and other mammals
Food interaction:
Take without regard to meals.
Drug interaction:
PhenelzineIncreased arterial pressure
AmoxapineThe tricyclic antidepressant, amoxapine, increases the sympathomimetic effect of pseudoephedrine.
AlseroxylonIncreased arterial pressure
ReserpineIncreased arterial pressure
AmitriptylineThe tricyclic antidepressant, amitriptyline, increases the sympathomimetic effect of pseudoephedrine.
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