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Gene Symbol:
TRN-GTT2-1 Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
transfer RNA-Asn (GTT) 2-1
RNN, TRN, TRN1, TRNAN1, tRNA asparagine 1 (anticodon GUU), tRNA-Asn-GTT-2-1, transfer RNA asparagine 1 (anticodon GUU)
Genomic Location:
The saturation hybridization studies of Hatlen and Attardi (1971) [PubMed 4929578] indicated a copy number of tRNA genes of 1,300 for the haploid human genome--an average of 65 gene copies for each tRNA species. These genes tend to be clustered, an arrangement that would facilitate the exchange of sequence information and enable them to evolve toge...
Rattus norvegicus
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