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Gene Symbol:
Col4a1 Mus musculus Mus musculus
Full name:
collagen, type IV, alpha 1
Bru, Col4a-1, Raw, Svc, collagen alpha-1(IV) chain, alpha-1 type IV collagen, alpha1(IV) collagen, procollagen, type IV, alpha 1
Genomic Location:
Chr 8: 11198431-11312730
This gene encodes the alpha-1 subunit of the type IV collagens, an essential component of basement membranes. The encoded protein forms a triple helical heterotrimer comprised of two alpha-1 and one alpha-2 subunits that assembles into a type IV collagen network. This gene is located adjacent to the gene encoding alpha-2 subunit. Mice lacking both ...
Homo sapiens Rattus norvegicus Macaca mulatta Bos taurus Gallus gallus Canis lupus familiaris Pan troglodytes Danio rerio
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GO Molecular Function

structural molecule activity | platelet-derived growth factor binding | growth factor binding | extracellular matrix structural constituent conferring tensile strength | protein binding | extracellular matrix structural constituent

GO Biological Process

brain development | extracellular structure organization | morphogenesis of an epithelium | eye development | nervous system development | blood vessel morphogenesis | cellular process | epithelial tube morphogenesis | renal tubule morphogenesis | tissue development | regulation of cellular process | basement membrane organization | epithelium development | cellular response to organonitrogen compound | cellular component organization | urogenital system development | head development | branching involved in blood vessel morphogenesis | response to stimulus | vasculature development | tube morphogenesis | cardiovascular system development | extracellular matrix organization | blood vessel development | response to nitrogen compound | system development | multicellular organism development | response to amino acid | retina vasculature morphogenesis in camera-type eye | neuromuscular junction development | enzyme linked receptor protein signaling pathway | synapse organization | angiogenesis | cellular response to amino acid stimulus | sensory organ development | cell communication | renal tubule development | renal system development | response to organic substance | tissue morphogenesis | branching morphogenesis of an epithelial tube | retina development in camera-type eye | retinal blood vessel morphogenesis | collagen-activated tyrosine kinase receptor signaling pathway | anatomical structure development | cell surface receptor signaling pathway | animal organ development | collagen-activated signaling pathway | morphogenesis of a branching epithelium | camera-type eye development | anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis | signaling | morphogenesis of a branching structure | anatomical structure morphogenesis | developmental process | tube development | response to organonitrogen compound | central nervous system development | transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway | retina vasculature development in camera-type eye | cellular response to organic substance | circulatory system development | signal transduction | multicellular organismal process

GO Cellular Component

extracellular matrix | basement membrane | collagen-containing extracellular matrix | protein-containing complex | collagen trimer | extracellular region | collagen type IV trimer | extracellular space | supramolecular complex