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Gene Symbol:
IL32 Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
interleukin 32
IL-32alpha, IL-32beta, IL-32delta, IL-32gamma, NK4, TAIF, TAIFa, TAIFb, TAIFc, TAIFd, interleukin-32, interleukin-32 eta, interleukin-32 small, interleukin-32 theta, natural killer cell transcript 4, natural killer cells protein 4, tumor necrosis factor alpha-inducing factor
Genomic Location:
Chr 16: 3055314-3059669
This gene encodes a member of the cytokine family. The protein contains a tyrosine sulfation site, 3 potential N-myristoylation sites, multiple putative phosphorylation sites, and an RGD cell-attachment sequence. Expression of this protein is increased after the activation of T-cells by mitogens or the activation of NK cells by IL-2. This protein i...
Pan troglodytes
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