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Gene Symbol:
GTF3C6 Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
general transcription factor IIIC subunit 6
C6orf51, TFIIIC35, bA397G5.3, general transcription factor 3C polypeptide 6, TFIIIC 35 kDa subunit, general transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 6, alpha 35kDa, transcription factor IIIC 35 kDa subunit, transcription factor IIIC 35kDa, transcription factor IIIC subunit 6
Genomic Location:
Chr 6: 111386456-111395775
RNA polymerases are unable to initiate RNA synthesis in the absence of additional proteins called general transcription factors (GTFs). GTFs assemble in a complex on the DNA promoter and recruit the RNA polymerase. GTF3C family proteins (e.g., GTF3C1, MIM 603246) are essential for RNA polymerase III to make a number of small nuclear and cytoplasmic...
Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus Macaca mulatta Danio rerio Gallus gallus Pan troglodytes Canis lupus familiaris Bos taurus
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