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Name: Anthocyanins
PubChem Compound ID: 145858
Description: A group of FLAVONOIDS derived from FLAVONOLS, which lack the ketone oxygen at the 4-position. They are glycosylated versions of cyanidin, pelargonidin or delphinidin. The conjugated bonds result in blue, red, and purple colors in flowers of plants.
Molecular formula: C15H11O+
Molecular weight: 207.247 g/mol
CHEBI:36121; Anthocyanin; 11029-12-2; C15549; flavylium; InChI=1/C15H11O/c1-2-6-12(7-3-1)15-11-10-13-8-4-5-9-14(13)16-15/h1-11H/q+