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Name: Pyrimidine Dimers
Description: Dimers found in DNA chains damaged by ULTRAVIOLET RAYS. They consist of two adjacent PYRIMIDINE NUCLEOTIDES, usually THYMINE nucleotides, in which the pyrimidine residues are covalently joined by a cyclobutane ring. These dimers block DNA REPLICATION.
Cyclobutane-Pyrimidine Dimers; Dimers, Pyrimidine; Thymine Dimers; Thymine-Cyclobutane Dimer; Dimer, Thymine-Thymine Cyclobutane; Thymine Cyclobutane Dimer; Thymine Thymine Cyclobutane Dimer; Dimer, Thymine-Cyclobutane; Thymine-Thymine Cyclobutane Dimer; Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers.
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