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Name: Factor IX
Name (isomeric): DB00100
Drug Type: biotech
Description: Storage-stable blood coagulation factor acting in the intrinsic pathway. Its activated form, IXa, forms a complex with factor VIII and calcium on platelet factor 3 to activate factor X to Xa. Deficiency of factor IX results in HEMOPHILIA B (Christmas Disease).
Coagulation factor IX precursor; Christmas factor; Plasma thromboplastin component; PTC
Brand: Benefix (Genetics Institute)
Category: Coagulants, Thrombotic Agents
CAS number: 9001-28-9
Indication: For treatment of hemophilia (Christmas disease).
Binds vitamin K and factor VIIIa. Cleaves the Arg-Ile bond in factor X to form active factor Xa. Plays a key role in blood coagulation and clotting. Injections of factor IX are used to treat hemophilia B, which is sometimes called Christmas disease. AlphaNine is injected to increase plasma levels of Factor IX and can temporarily correct this coagul...
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Mechanism of Action:
Coagulation Factor IX is an important protein in the process of hemostasis and normal blood clotting. Factor IX is plays an important intermediate role in the blood coagulation cascade. It is located within the blood plasma as a zymogen, an antecedent to enzymatic function, in its inactivated state. Factor IX is dependent on the presence of Vitamin...
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Half Life: 19.4 ± 5.4 hours (range from 11 to 36 hours)
Affected organisms: Humans and other mammals