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Name: Hematoxylin
PubChem Compound ID: 10603
Description: A dye obtained from the heartwood of logwood (Haematoxylon campechianum Linn., Leguminosae) used as a stain in microscopy and in the manufacture of ink.
Molecular formula: C16H14O6
Molecular weight: 302.279 g/mol
Hematoxyline; Hydroxylrasilin; 517-28-2; 7,11b-Dihydroindeno(2,1-c)chromene-3,4,6a,9,10(6H)-pentol; 22562-63-6; Haematoxylin; Hydroxybrazilin; NSC8662; KBio2_003845; 7,11b-Dihydroindeno[2,1-c]chromene-3,4,6a,9,10(6H)-pentol.
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