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Gene Symbol:
mir-9a D. melanogaster D. melanogaster
Full name:
CR33063, DmelCR33063, Dmel_CR33063, miR-9, mir-9a, miR-9a, transfrag 22
Genomic Location:
Chr 3L: 19558240-19558262
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Entrez Gene

Transcripts Names
Protein Names
No proteins found.

GO Molecular Function

No molecular functions found.

GO Biological Process

gene silencing by RNA | wing disc development | morphogenesis of an epithelium | post-embryonic animal organ morphogenesis | pattern specification process | cellular process | regulation of gene expression, epigenetic | epithelial tube morphogenesis | imaginal disc morphogenesis | regulation of multicellular organism growth | tissue development | imaginal disc-derived appendage morphogenesis | regulation of cellular process | gene silencing | regulation of metabolic process | epithelium development | metamorphosis | posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression | tube morphogenesis | instar larval or pupal development | negative regulation of metabolic process | formation of anatomical boundary | system development | regulation of signal transduction | post-embryonic animal organ development | multicellular organism development | sensory organ boundary specification | regulation of gene expression | gene silencing by miRNA | animal organ morphogenesis | post-embryonic animal morphogenesis | post-embryonic development | sensory organ development | animal organ formation | posttranscriptional gene silencing | imaginal disc-derived wing morphogenesis | regionalization | regulation of growth | posttranscriptional gene silencing by RNA | tissue morphogenesis | anatomical structure development | imaginal disc development | wing disc morphogenesis | negative regulation of gene expression | animal organ development | regulation of insulin receptor signaling pathway | regulation of cellular response to insulin stimulus | anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis | regulation of cell communication | regulation of developmental growth | anatomical structure morphogenesis | regulation of developmental process | developmental process | tube development | imaginal disc-derived appendage development | regulation of signaling | multicellular organismal process

GO Cellular Component

No cellular components found.