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Name: Starch
PubChem Compound ID: 439341
Description: Any of a group of polysaccharides of the general formula (C6-H10-O5)n, composed of a long-chain polymer of glucose in the form of amylose and amylopectin. It is the chief storage form of energy reserve (carbohydrates) in plants.
Molecular formula: C12H22O11
Molecular weight: 342.296 g/mol
C01911; Amylodextrin; 4-O-alpha-D-glucopyranosyl-alpha-D-glucopyranose; Maltose; EINECS 232-686-4; 6363-53-7; Disaccharide; GLC-(1-4)GLC; ZINC04095490; 4482-75-1.
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