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Name: sulfathiazole
PubChem Compound ID: 5340
Molecular formula: C9H9N3O2S2
Molecular weight: 255.319 g/mol
Sanotiazol; MandB 760; component of Sultrin; 2-Sulfanilamidothiazol [German]; Azoseptale; ZINC00121458; 6052-33-1; AIDS008191; AI3-01050; Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-2-thiazolyl-.
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Name: sulfathiazole
Name (isomeric): DB06147
Drug Type: small molecule
Sulphathiazole; Sodium sulfathiazole
Brand: Neo-Strepsan
Category: Anti-Infective Agents
CAS number: 72-14-0
Indication: Sulfathiazole is effective against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative pathogenic microorganisms. Although no longer used in humans, it is used in cattle.
Biotransformation: Metabolism of sulfonamide drugs in animals includes conjugation at the N4-position (acetyl, sulfate, glucuronic acid, and glucose), conjugation at the N1-position (sulfate and glucuronic acid), removal of the p-amino group (formation of the desamino metabolite), ring hydroxylation, and conjugation of the ring hydroxylation products. Dietary nitrite enhances the production of the desamino metabolite of sulfathiazole. The intermediate leading to the desamino metabolite of sulfamethazine is weakly mutagenic in the Ames test (Nelson et al., 1987; Paulson et al., 1987).
Toxicity: Acute oral toxicity (LD50): 4500 mg/kg [Mouse].
Drug interaction:
Methenamine mandelatePossible crystallization of urates with this combination
MethotrexateThe sulfamide increases the toxicity of methotrexate