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Ulceration of colon

Ulceration of epitrochlear lymph node

Ulceration of gingivae

Ulceration of inguinal lymph node

Ulceration of intestine

Ulceration of lymph node

Ulceration of popliteal lymph node

Ulceration of skin due to therapeutic ionizing radiation

Ulceration of small intestine

Ulceration of vulva associated with another disorder

Ulceration of vulva in Behcet's disease

Ulceration of vulva unspecified

Ulcerative blepharitis

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative dermatosis of sheep

Ulcerative dermatosis of the Shetland sheepdog and rough collie dog

Ulcerative enterocolitis

Ulcerative gingivitis

Ulcerative ileocolitis

Ulcerative jejunitis

Ulcerative laryngitis

Ulcerative lichen planus of palms and soles

Ulcerative pharyngitis

Ulcerative proctocolitis

Ulcerative rhinitis

Ulcerative sarcoidosis

Ulcerative stomatitis

Ulcerative tonsillitis

Ulceroglandular tularemia

Ulcers of female genital organs

Ulcers of male genital organs

Ulcus vulvae acutum



Ulerythema of cheeks

Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy

Ulnar and humeroulnar synostosis

Ulnar artery aneurysm

Ulnar blood vessel injury

Ulnar deviation contracture of the wrist

Ulnar dimelia

Ulnar nerve entrapment

Ulnar nerve entrapment at elbow

Ulnar nerve entrapment at wrist

Ulnar nerve lesion

Ulnar neuritis

Ulnar neuropathy

Ulnar polydactyly of fingers

Ultrarapid metabolizer due to cytochrome p450 CYP2D6 variant

Ultrasound therapy complication NEC

Ultraviolet recall reaction due to cytotoxic therapy

Ultraviolet-induced change in normal skin

Umbilical cord complication

Umbilical cord complications NOS - delivered

Umbilical cord trauma

Umbilical fistula

Umbilical foreign body

Umbilical granuloma

Umbilical hemorrhage after birth, unspecified

Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia - irreducible and

Umbilical hernia with gangrene

Umbilical hernia with gangrene AND obstruction