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Customers Testimonials

NextBio is used by researchers at the world's top commercial and academic institutions. NextBio is helping these organizations increase productivity and dramatically improve collaboration across therapeutic groups and geographic boundaries.

In one of our key studies, we used the NextBio search engine to interpret the gene expression changes between adenoma tumors associated with two distinct genotypes. Instead of manually evaluating hundreds of genes through literature, we were able to quickly search for conditions with similar biological changes using a combined collection of public studies. NextBio has proven to be valuable in interpreting gene expression changes in our experiments." Robert Oshima, PhD Tumor Development Program co-Director and Professor, Burnham Institute for Medical Research

The ability of Burnham scientists to utilize huge quantities of public and internal experimental data in an easy way is fundamental to our research efforts. NextBio's life science search engine enables our researchers and clinicians to generate and validate new hypotheses using information from thousands of large-scale experimental studies." Craig Hauser, PhD Cancer Center Associate Director, Burnham Institute for Medical Research

With NextBio, I can accomplish in a few minutes and with a few clicks what previously took me months, and that's if I could actually find all of the data I needed. I could not do this on Google or PubMed." Frank Sharp, MD Professor, UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute

NextBio presents a powerful and intuitive solution available for researchers and clinicians who wish to truly unlock the value of large-scale studies in the public domain. NextBio is an entirely new and better way of doing scientific research." Leroy Hood, MD, PhD Director, President and Cofounder, The Institute for Systems Biology

We are truly excited about our collaboration with NextBio. I can clearly see them on the path to becoming the de facto search and collaboration standard in the life sciences." Jeanne Loring, PhD Professor of Developmental Neurobiology and Director of Center for Regenerative Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute

As a physician-scientist involved in genomic biomarker development, we are using NextBio to improve our ability to mine and identify relevant prognostic (survival) and predictive (drug efficacy) molecular signatures which will have clinical utility in oncology. The ability to explore our data and public genomic data sets provides us with a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the biology of cancer and the clinical behaviors of malignancies. NextBio facilitates our deriving useful associations between both realms." Hanlee Ji, MD Oncologist, Stanford Hospital

NextBio gives researchers a view of all the different experiments in its repository at once, so they're able to come up with questions they wouldn't have thought of before. NextBio is liberating for bench scientists because it empowers them with intuitive querying capabilities across multiple data sets without the need for bioinformatics expertise." Nick Tsinoremas, PhD Founding Director, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Miami; and Research Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Miller School of Medicine

I am excited about the approach that NextBio is taking, and I think it has the potential to change how scientists use high-throughput data in their daily work." Russ B. Altman, MD, PhD Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, and Medicine at Stanford University