Correlation Engine 2.0

Correlation Engine APIs

Correlation Engine provides several APIs to allow you to access our services directly from your applications and web pages:

  • APIs for bulk import of data into Correlation Engine
  • APIs to perform auto-complete searches and tagging using Illumina ontology
  • APIs to query Correlation Engine programmatically
  • External applications to link in to Correlation Engine results
  • Mechanisms for linking out from Correlation Engine to external applications
  • APIs to export raw and processed data
  • JavaScript API to add Correlation Engine content as a customizable pop-up to any HTML page
  • Single-Sign on into the Illumina Application

Correlation Engine Query API

  • Access/edit project, study and bioset information
  • Atlases features
  • Autocomplete
  • Bioset details
  • Data correlations
  • Gene GWAS data
  • Genome Build Information
  • Libraries and Platform
  • Literature search
  • Ontology Information
  • Search Biogroups and Genetic Markers
  • Trials search
  • Tagcloud computation

Results are available in either XML or JSON.

The Correlation Engine Query API is only available to Correlation Engine enterprise customers.