Correlation Engine 2.0

Correlation Engine APIs

Correlation Engine provides several APIs to allow you to access our services directly from your applications and web pages:

  • APIs for bulk import of data into Correlation Engine
  • APIs to perform auto-complete searches and tagging using Illumina ontology
  • APIs to query Correlation Engine programmatically
  • External applications to link in to Correlation Engine results
  • Mechanisms for linking out from Correlation Engine to external applications
  • APIs to export raw and processed data
  • JavaScript API to add Correlation Engine content as a customizable pop-up to any HTML page
  • Single-Sign on into the Illumina Application

Correlation Engine Query API

  • Access/edit project, study and bioset information
  • Atlases features
  • Autocomplete
  • Bioset details
  • Data correlations
  • Gene GWAS data
  • Genome Build Information
  • Libraries and Platform
  • Literature search
  • Ontology Information
  • Search Biogroups and Genetic Markers
  • Trials search
  • Tagcloud computation

Results are available in either XML or JSON.

The Correlation Engine Query API is only available to Correlation Engine enterprise customers.

Correlation Engine Highlighting Service

The Correlation Engine Highlighting Service can analyze any web page, and underline biological terms in that page. When the user mouses over a term, more information about that term is displayed, including related literature, other related terms, and additional information about that term. You can see a sample of highlighting, here.

The Correlation Engine Highlighting Service can be used in two ways:

For Website Publishers—highlight your own pages
If you own or manage a website, you can add one line of JavaScript to each of your pages. All visitors to your page will automatically see the highlighting on each page.
Learn more about highlighting your own website.
For All Web Users—highlight any page on the web
As a web visitor, you can add a bookmark to your browser bookmark toolbar. Clicking on this bookmark will highlight the page you are viewing.
Learn more about highlighting any web page.