Correlation Engine 2.0
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Licensing Correlation Engine

Free Version - No Log-In Required

  • QuickView - See a top-level view of all information Correlation Engine has about a gene,SNP, biogroup, phenotype, compound, tissue, or keyword.
  • Literature - Do a classic PubMed literature search, or search hundreds of biology and health related news source with any query term or keyword

Academic Version - Unlimited Access To

  • Import your own private experimental molecular data
  • Correlate your data with continuously curated signatures from public studies
  • Discover Genomic Signatures for Tissues and Diseases
  • Identify and validate biomarkers
  • Find compound treatments that effect your genes of interest
  • Identify genes and pathways that contributes to drug resistance
  • Discover affected biological pathways in your experiments
  • Export experimental results and graphs

Enterprise Version - Gain Additional Access To

  • Domain administration privileges for multiple-users
  • Share data and results with others in your domain
  • APIs for programmatic access to data and results
  • Access to raw data files that Illumina Correlation Engine curated and normalized
  • Ontology Editor, which enables user groups to standardize ontologies so everyone is on the same page regarding terms.