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Both cis and trans isomers of the dopamine receptor antagonist flupentixol inhibit drug transport and reverse drug resistance mediated by the human multidrug transporter P-glycoprotein (Pgp) with a stereoselective potency. The rate of ATP hydrolysis by Pgp and photoaffinity labeling of Pgp with the substrate analogue [125I]iodoarylazidoprazosin ([125I]IAAP) are modulated by each isomer in an opposite manner, suggesting different mechanisms for the inhibitory effect on drug transport. In this study we demonstrate that substitution of a single phenylalanine residue at position 983 (F983) with alanine (F983A) in putative transmembrane (TM) region 12 selectively affects inhibition of Pgp-mediated drug transport by both isomers of flupentixol. In F983A the stimulatory effect of cis(Z)-flupentixol and the inhibitory effect of trans(E)-flupentixol on ATP hydrolysis and [125I]IAAP labeling were significantly altered. This indicates that F983 contributes to inhibition of drug transport by both isomers of flupentixol and plays an important role in stimulation and inhibition of ATP hydrolysis and [125I]IAAP labeling by cis(Z)- and trans(E)-flupentixol, respectively. The near-wild-type level of drug transport by the F983A Pgp mutant dissociates susceptibility to inhibition by flupentixol from drug translocation, indicating the allosteric nature of the flupentixol interaction. The inhibitory effects of cyclosporin A on drug transport, drug-stimulated ATP hydrolysis, and [125I]IAAP labeling as well as the stimulatory effect of verapamil on ATP hydrolysis by Pgp were minimally affected by substitution of F983, suggesting no global alteration in the structural and functional integrity of the mutant. Taken together, our data suggest that distinct mechanisms of inhibition of Pgp-mediated drug transport by the cis and trans isomers of flupentixol are mediated through a common site of interaction.


S Dey, P Hafkemeyer, I Pastan, M M Gottesman. A single amino acid residue contributes to distinct mechanisms of inhibition of the human multidrug transporter by stereoisomers of the dopamine receptor antagonist flupentixol. Biochemistry. 1999 May 18;38(20):6630-9

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PMID: 10350482

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