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Binding of the adhesive glycoprotein, von Willebrand factor (vWf), to the platelet membrane glycoprotein (GP) Ib-IX-V complex initiates platelet adhesion and aggregation at high shear stress in hemostasis and thrombosis. In this study, the GP Ib-IX-V binding site within the vWf A1 domain was analyzed using a panel of murine monoclonal antibodies raised against a 39/34-kd vWf fragment (Leu-480/Val-481-Gly-718) encompassing the A1 domain. One antibody, 6G1, strongly inhibited ristocetin-dependent vWf binding to platelets, but had no effect on botrocetin- or jaracetin-dependent binding, or asialo-vWf-dependent platelet aggregation. The 6G1 epitope was mapped to Glu-700-Asp-709, confirming the importance of this region for modulation of vWf by ristocetin. Like ristocetin, 6G1 activated the vWf A1 domain, because it enhanced binding of the 39/34-kd fragment to platelets. In contrast, 5D2 and CR1 completely inhibited asialo-vWf-induced platelet aggregation and ristocetin-induced vWf binding to GP Ib-IX-V. However, only 5D2 blocked botrocetin- and jaracetin-induced vWf binding to platelets and binding of vWf to botrocetin- and jaracetin-coated beads. Epitopes for 5D2 and CR1 were conformationally dependent, but not congruent. Other antibodies mapped to epitopes within the A1 domain (CR2 and CR15, Leu-494-Leu-512; CR2, Phe-536-Ala-554; CR3, Arg-578-Glu-596; CR11 and CR15, Ala-564-Ser-582) were not functional, identifying regions of the vWf A1 domain not directly involved in vWf-GP Ib-IX-V interaction. The combined results provide evidence that the proline-rich sequence Glu-700-Asp-709 constitutes a regulatory site for ristocetin, and that ristocetin and botrocetin induce, at least in part, separate receptor-recognition sites on vWf. (Blood. 2000;95:164-172)


M De Luca, D A Facey, E J Favaloro, M S Hertzberg, J C Whisstock, T McNally, R K Andrews, M C Berndt. Structure and function of the von Willebrand factor A1 domain: analysis with monoclonal antibodies reveals distinct binding sites involved in recognition of the platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib-IX-V complex and ristocetin-dependent activation. Blood. 2000 Jan 01;95(1):164-72

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PMID: 10607699

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