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Fission yeast Cid12 is a member of the Cid1 family of specialized poly(A) polymerases. Like cells lacking cid1, cid12Delta mutants were shown to have checkpoint defects when DNA replication was inhibited. Here, we show that Cid12 is also required for faithful chromosome segregation and that mutation of amino acid residues predicted to be essential for poly(A) polymerase activity resulted in loss of Cid12 function in vivo. Cells lacking Cid12 had an increased chromosome segregation failure rate due to precocious loss of sister chromatid cohesion at the centromere but not along the chromosome arms. In keeping with a recently described function for Cid12 in RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated heterochromatin assembly, this was accompanied by an accumulation of polyadenylated transcripts corresponding to naturally silenced repeat elements within heterochromatic domains, with consequent defects in centromeric gene silencing. These cells also suffered increased meiotic defects, and their viability was dependent on the spindle checkpoint protein Bub1. To account for the effects of Cid12 on various aspects of DNA metabolism, including chromosome segregation and the checkpoint control, we suggest that Cid12 has dual functions in RNAi silencing and regulating mRNA stability.


Thein Z Win, Abigail L Stevenson, Shao-Win Wang. Fission yeast Cid12 has dual functions in chromosome segregation and checkpoint control. Molecular and cellular biology. 2006 Jun;26(12):4435-47

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PMID: 16738311

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