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Campomelic/camptomelic dysplasia is a very rare, severe osteochondrodysplasia characterised by severe skeletal and nonskeletal malformations and lethal outcome mainly in neonatal period. Characteristic abnormality by which the syndrome got its name is short, bowed long bones of lower extremities, most often of femur, manifested by short and bowed legs. Skin dimpling on tibial anterior side is another prominent characteristic of this syndrome. Severe cases are inherited by autosomal dominant trait, by mutation Sox9 gene on chromosome 17, with lethal outcome in the first days of life. Less severe forms of the disease are due to balanced translocation t (13;17) with life span up to the third decade of life. A majority of karyotypic males present as phenotypic females. We report a case of a female neonate, without consanguinity between parents, with characteristic signs of camptomelic dysplasia with short birth length of 46 cm, macrocephaly (head circumference 39 cm), dolichocephaly, hydrocephalus, short trunk and legs. Narrow rib cage, bowed lower extremities, short hand and foot phalanges, nail hypoplasia were noticed. Anterior fontanelle was enlarged, high forehead, face small and flat, hypertelorism, low nasal bridge, micrognathia, low set ears, cleft palate, were found. Characteristc skin dimpling on anterior side of tibia was present on both legs. Bone X-ray studies presented the following changes: anterior bowing of shortened femurs, hip dislocation, cervical vertebrae, scapulas, eleven pairs of slender ribs. Hip luxation. Karyotype was normal for a female, 46 XX. Respiratory insufficiency was present since birth, exacerbated, and led to lethal outcome in the second day of life, as described in the majority of these patients.


Radmila Kos, Biljana Medjo, Slobodanka Grković, Dimitrije Nikolić, Silvija Sajić, Jelena Ilić. Camptomelic dysplasia--a case report]. Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo. 2007 May-Jun;135(5-6):335-8

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PMID: 17633324

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