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    The cytosolic lipid droplets (cLDs) store excess intracellular lipids, and perilipin-2 is believed to protect cLDs from degradation. Here, we investigated the role of the small G-protein Arf1 and the proteasome in the fates of perilipin-2 and cLDs. In oleate-loaded cells, upon brefeldin A (BFA) treatment, perilipin-2 remained associated with cLDs for at least 30 min before significant release, and proteasomal degradation-mediated decrease was observed. Interestingly, the cLD population did not mimic the decline in perilipin-2. We tested several chemical modulators of regulators of Arf1 activity on the association of perilipin-2 with cLDs. QS11 and Exo2 accelerated the reduction in perilipin-2, although less than BFA. In contrast, Exo1 unexpectedly slowed down its degradation. Correlatively, BFA, QS11, and Exo2 enhanced the dissociation of perilipin-2 from cLDs, whereas Exo1 inhibited it. There was a synergistic effect of BFA with Exo2 and QS11, and of Exo2 with QS11, whereas Exo1 antagonized the effect of BFA without affecting that of Exo2 or QS11. We concluded that the Arf1 complex regulates the association of perilipin-2 with cLDs. Additionally, MG132 and BFA modified the number of cLDs over a relatively short period. © 2015 International Federation for Cell Biology.


    Alain Pauloin, Pierre Adenot, Catherine Hue-Beauvais, Eric Chanat. The perilipin-2 (adipophilin) coat of cytosolic lipid droplets is regulated by an Arf1-dependent mechanism in HC11 mouse mammary epithelial cells. Cell biology international. 2016 Feb;40(2):143-55

    PMID: 26399370

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