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    The overexpression of efflux pumps is an important mechanism leading to the development of multidrug resistance phenomenon. The transcription factor KlPdr1p, belonging to the Zn2Cys6 family, is a central regulator of efflux pump expression in Kluyveromyces lactis. To better understand how KlPDR1-mediated drug resistance is achieved in K. lactis, we used DNA microarrays to identify genes whose expression was affected by deletion or overexpression of the KlPDR1 gene. Eighty-nine targets of the KlPDR1 were identified. From those the transcription of 16 genes was induced in the transformant overexpressing KlPDR1* and simultaneously repressed in the Klpdr1Δ deletion mutant. Almost all of these genes contain putative binding motifs for the AP-1-like transcription factors in their promoters. Furthermore, we studied the possible interplay between KlPdr1p and KlYap1p transcription factors. Our results show that KlYap1p does not significantly contribute to the regulation of KlPDR1 gene expression in the presence of azoles. However, KlPDR1 expression markedly increased in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and hinged upon the presence of KlYap1p. Our results show that although both KlPdr1p and KlYap1p transcription factors are involved in the control of K. lactis multidrug resistance, further studies will be needed to determine their interplay.


    Nora Toth Hervay, Alexandra Konecna, Zuzana Balazfyova, Alexandra Svrbicka, Yvetta Gbelska. Insight into the Kluyveromyces lactis Pdr1p regulon. Canadian journal of microbiology. 2016 Jun 16:1-14

    PMID: 27556366

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