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    Melatonin modulates the functional activation of antioxidative enzymes to maintain the oxidant-antioxidant balance in the physiological system. Melatonin administration via subcutaneous injection increases endogenous melatonin concentration that has been used to modulate the immune function in rodents and reproductive activity in small ruminant like goats. However, to date, no report exist which could suggest the effect of corn seed supplementation on the endogenous melatonin concentration and its impact on cellular-immune function and antioxidative enzymes activity in any small ruminant like goats. Therefore, in this study, Zea mays (corn seeds), as source of melatonin, were supplemented with regular diet to explore its impact on endogenous melatonin concentration in goat, Capra hircus. Zea mays supplementation with regular diet for 40 days significantly elevated the endogenous melatonin concentration, proliferative response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and antioxidative enzymes activity along with total antioxidant capacity of the plasma. An increase in circulatory IL-2 and IL-6 level along with declined TNF-α, malondialdehyde and nitric oxide was noted with elevated endogenous melatonin concentration. In conclusion, it might be suggested that corn seed could be used as supplement to modulate endogenous melatonin concentration that may improve cellular-immune function and antioxidant status. The corn seed might also be included as nutraceutical in regular diet to maintain immune-antioxidant homoeostasis in other species. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition © 2017 Blackwell Verlag GmbH.


    A K Singh, C Haldar. Supplementation of corn seed with regular diet modulates immune function and antioxidant status in Capra hircus. Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition. 2017 Dec;101(6):1205-1214

    PMID: 28133830

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