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    We evaluated the antifungal activity of benzylidene-carbonyl compounds (LINS03) based on the structure of gibbilimbol from Piper malacophyllum Linn. Five analogues (1-5) were synthetized following a classic aldol condensation between an aromatic aldehyde and a ketone, under basic conditions. These were tested against itraconazole-susceptible (n = 3) and itraconazole-resistant (n = 5) isolates of Sporothrix brasiliensis by M38-A2 guidelines of CLSI. All of them were fungistatic (MIC ranged of 0.11-0.22 mg/mL (1); 0.08-0.17 mg/mL (2); 0.05-0.1 mg/mL (3); 0.04-0.33 mg/mL (4); and 0.04-0.3 mg/mL (5)), highlighting compounds 2 and 3. As fungicidal, compounds 1 and 2 were highlighted (MFC ranged of 0.22-0.89 mg/mL and 0.08-1.35 mg/mL, respectively), compared with the remaining (0.77-> 3.08 mg/mL (3); 0.08-> 2.6 mg/mL (4); and 0.59-> 2.37 mg/mL (5)). The inhibitory activity was related to the benzylidene-carbonyl, whereas the phenol group and the low chain homolog seems to contribute to some extent to the fungicidal effect. Compound 2 highlighted due to the considerable fungistatic and fungicidal activities, including itraconazole-resistant Sporothrix brasiliensis. These findings support the potential usefulness of benzylidene-carbonyl compounds as promising prototypes for the development of antifungal against sporotrichosis by Sporothrix brasiliensis, including against itraconazole-resistant isolates.


    Stefanie Bressan Waller, Marlete Brum Cleff, Márcia Kutscher Ripoll, Mário Carlos Araújo Meireles, Marina Themoteo Varela, João Paulo Dos S Fernandes. Benzylidene-carbonyl compounds are active against itraconazole-susceptible and itraconazole-resistant Sporothrix brasiliensis. Folia microbiologica. 2020 Dec;65(6):1033-1038

    PMID: 32821987

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