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    Torsional stresses are one of the most frequent causes of intracanal separation of nickel-titanium endodontic instruments, which represents a great concern of endodontists. For this reason, torsional resistance of rotary instruments has been deeply investigated by determining all parameters that can influenced it, that can be summarized in: (1) Tooth-related factors, (2) Strategy-related factors and (3) Instrument-related factors. This study was conducted to examine the influence of shaft length on torsional resistance of a nickel-titanium rotary instrument and if it should be considered as an Instrument-related factor. With this aim, 120 Twisted Files Adaptive M-L (TFA M-L) NiTi instruments (SybronEndo, Orange, CA, USA) were divided into 6 experimental groups (n = 20), according to instruments length and size: Group 1, 20 TFA M-L1 25/08 23 mm; Group 2, 20 TFA M-L1 25/08 27 mm; Group 3, 20 TFA M-L2 35/06 23 mm; Group 4, 20 TFA M-L2 35/06 27 mm; Group 5, 20 TFA M-L3 50/04 23 mm; and Group 6, 20 TFA M-L3 50/04 27 mm. All instruments were submitted to a static torsional test, blocking each instrument at 3 mm from the tip and rotating it until its fracture. Torque to Fracture (TtF) and fragments length were registered and all data were statistically analyzed. Results showed that Groups 2, 4 and 6 had a higher TtF, respectively, than Groups 1, 3 and 5, which differ from the former just for shaft length. Group 6 showed the highest torsional resistance (1.31 ± 0.08 Ncm), whilst Group 1 the lowest (0.40 ± 0.08 Ncm). According to that, it can be stated that the longer the instrument, the higher the torsional resistance is, proving that shaft length should be considered as an important factor about torsional resistance.


    Gianluca Gambarini, Marco Seracchiani, Alessio Zanza, Gabriele Miccoli, Andrea Del Giudice, Luca Testarelli. Influence of shaft length on torsional behavior of endodontic nickel-titanium instruments. Odontology. 2020 Nov 27

    PMID: 33245455

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