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Alpha-amanitin, one of the amatoxins in egg amanita, has a cyclic peptide structure, and was reported as having antiviral activity against several viruses. We investigated whether α-amanitin has antiviral activity against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). FL-4 cells persistently infected with FIV Petaluma were cultured with α-amanitin. Reverse transcriptase (RT) activity in the supernatant of FL-4 cells was significantly inhibited by α-amanitin. In addition, the production of FIV core protein in FL-4 cells was inhibited by α-amanitin when analyzed by western blotting. Furthermore, α-amanitin inhibited the transcription of FIV in real-time RT-PCR. These data suggested that α-amanitin showed anti-FIV activity by inhibiting the RNA transcription level.


Taishi Tanabe, Yurina Fukuda, Kazuhiko Kawashima, Satomi Yamamoto, Takashige Kashimoto, Hisaaki Sato. Transcriptional inhibition of feline immunodeficiency virus by alpha-amanitin. The Journal of veterinary medical science. 2020 Nov 27;83(1):158-161

PMID: 33250482

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