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    Global and endothelial loss of PTP-PEST (also known as PTPN12) is associated with impaired cardiovascular development and embryonic lethality. Although hypoxia is implicated in vascular remodelling and angiogenesis, its effect on PTP-PEST remains unexplored. Here we report that hypoxia (1% oxygen) increases protein levels and catalytic activity of PTP-PEST in primary endothelial cells. Immunoprecipitation followed by mass spectrometry revealed that α subunits of AMPK (α1 and α2, encoded by PRKAA1 and PRKAA2, respectively) interact with PTP-PEST under normoxia but not in hypoxia. Co-immunoprecipitation experiments confirmed this observation and determined that AMPK α subunits interact with the catalytic domain of PTP-PEST. Knockdown of PTP-PEST abrogated hypoxia-mediated tyrosine dephosphorylation and activation of AMPK (Thr172 phosphorylation). Absence of PTP-PEST also blocked hypoxia-induced autophagy (LC3 degradation and puncta formation), which was rescued by the AMPK activator metformin (500 µM). Because endothelial autophagy is a prerequisite for angiogenesis, knockdown of PTP-PEST also attenuated endothelial cell migration and capillary tube formation, with autophagy inducer rapamycin (200 nM) rescuing angiogenesis. In conclusion, this work identifies for the first time that PTP-PEST is a regulator of hypoxia-induced AMPK activation and endothelial autophagy to promote angiogenesis. © 2021. Published by The Company of Biologists Ltd.


    Shivam Chandel, Amrutha Manikandan, Nikunj Mehta, Abel Arul Nathan, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Samar Bhallabha Mohapatra, Mahesh Chandran, Abdul Jaleel, Narayanan Manoj, Madhulika Dixit. The protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP-PEST mediates hypoxia-induced endothelial autophagy and angiogenesis via AMPK activation. Journal of cell science. 2021 Jan 11;134(1)

    PMID: 33323505

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