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    5-Fluorouracil (5-FU), an anti-cancer drug, has been used for hepatoblastoma (HB) chemotherapy in children, who may have impaired  ovarian follicle pool reserve with lasting effects to reproduction. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate 5-FU effects on survival, growth, and morphology of ovarian preantral follicles from C57BL6J young mice. Experiments were carried-out both in vivo and in vitro. Mice were treated with 5-FU injection (450 mg/kg i.p) or saline and sacrificed 3 days after to obtain ovaries for histology and molecular biology. Ovaries for in vitro studies were obtained from unchallenged mice and cultured under basic culture medium (BCM) or BCM plus 5-FU (9.2, 46.1, 92.2 mM). Preantral follicles were classified according to developmental stages, and as normal or degenerated. To assess cell viability, caspase-3 immunostaining was performed. Transcriptional levels for apoptosis (Bax, Bcl2, p53, Bax/Bcl2) and Wnt pathway genes (Wnt2 and Wnt4) were also analyzed. Ultrastructural analyses were carried-out on non-cultured ovaries. In addition, β-catenin immunofluorescence was assessed in mouse ovaries. The percentage of all-types normal follicles was significantly lower after 5-FU challenge. A total loss of secondary normal follicles was found in the 5-FU group. The highest 5-FU concentrations reduced the percentage of cultured normal primordial follicles. Large vacuoles were seen in granulosa cells and ooplasm of preantral follicles by electron microscopy. A significantly higher gene expression for Bax and Bax/Bcl2 ratio was seen after 5-FU treatment. A marked reduction in β-catenin immunolabeling was seen in 5-FU-challenged preantral follicles. In the in vitro experiments, apoptotic and Wnt gene transcriptions were significantly altered. Altogether, our findings suggest that 5-FU can deleteriously affect the ovarian follicle reserve by reducing preantral follicles survival.


    Juliana Z Almeida, Laritza F Lima, Luís A Vieira, Carolina Maside, Anna C A Ferreira, Valdevane R Araújo, Ana B G Duarte, Ramon S Raposo, Sônia N Báo, Cláudio C Campello, Luiz F S Oliveira, Thayse P da Costa, José Garcia Abreu, José R Figueiredo, Reinaldo B Oriá. 5-Fluorouracil disrupts ovarian preantral follicles in young C57BL6J mice. Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology. 2021 Apr;87(4):567-578

    PMID: 33471160

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