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    Trigeminal neuropathic pain is the most debilitating pain disorder but current treatments including opiates are not effective. A common symptom of trigeminal neuropathic pain is cold allodynia/hyperalgesia or cold hypersensitivity in orofacial area, a region where exposure to cooling temperatures are inevitable in daily life. Mechanisms underlying trigeminal neuropathic pain manifested with cold hypersensitivity are not fully understood. In this study, we investigated trigeminal neuropathic pain in male rats following infraorbital nerve chronic constrictive injury (ION-CCI). Assessed by the orofacial operant behavioral test, ION-CCI animals displayed orofacial cold hypersensitivity. The cold hypersensitivity was associated with the hyperexcitability of small-sized trigeminal ganglion (TG) neurons that innervated orofacial regions. Furthermore, ION-CCI resulted in a reduction of A-type voltage-gated K+ currents (IA currents) in these TG neurons. We further showed that these small-sized TG neurons expressed Kv4.3 voltage-gated K+ channels, and Kv4.3 expression in these cells was significantly downregulated following ION-CCI. Pharmacological inhibition of Kv4.3 channels with phrixotoxin-2 inhibited IA-currents in these TG neurons and induced orofacial cold hypersensitivity. On the other hand, pharmacological potentiation of Kv4.3 channels amplified IA currents in these TG neurons and alleviated orofacial cold hypersensitivity in ION-CCI rats. Collectively, Kv4.3 downregulation in nociceptive trigeminal afferent fibers may contribute to peripheral cold hypersensitivity following trigeminal nerve injury, and Kv4.3 activators may be clinically useful to alleviate trigeminal neuropathic pain.SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT Trigeminal neuropathic pain, the most debilitating pain disorder, is often triggered and exacerbated by cooling temperatures. Here, we created infraorbital nerve chronic constrictive injury (ION-CCI) in rats, an animal model of trigeminal neuropathic pain to show that dysfunction of Kv4.3 voltage-gated K+ channels in nociceptive-like trigeminal ganglion (TG) neurons underlies the trigeminal neuropathic pain manifested with cold hypersensitivity in orofacial regions. Furthermore, we demonstrate that pharmacological potentiation of Kv4.3 channels can alleviate orofacial cold hypersensitivity in ION-CCI rats. Our results may have clinical implications in trigeminal neuropathic pain in human patients, and Kv4.3 channels may be an effective therapeutic target for this devastating pain disorder. Copyright © 2021 the authors.


    Hirosato Kanda, Jennifer Ling, Ya-Ting Chang, Ferhat Erol, Viacheslav Viatchenko-Karpinski, Akihiro Yamada, Koichi Noguchi, Jianguo G Gu. Kv4.3 Channel Dysfunction Contributes to Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Manifested with Orofacial Cold Hypersensitivity in Rats. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2021 Mar 10;41(10):2091-2105

    PMID: 33472822

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