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    Aureochrome, a blue-light receptor specifically found in photosynthetic stramenopiles, plays an important role in algal growth and development. It holds a reversed effector-sensor topology for the reception of blue light, acting as a candidate of optogenetic tool in transcriptional regulation. However, the inner regulatory mechanism of aureochrome is still unclear. In this study, we explored the potential regulatory relationship between microRNAs (miRNAs) and mRNAs by small RNA, transcriptome and degradome sequencing in Saccharina japonica. Through screening miRNA-mRNA interaction networks at the whole-genome level, we found that 18 miRNAs perfectly paired with aureochrome. Among these screened miRNAs, miR8181 was negatively correlated with aureochrome5 with high credibility, exhibiting tissue-specific expression in sporophyte of S. japonica. Degradome analysis further revealed the exact cleavage site of miR8181 on aureochrome5, confirming their targeting relationship. For the 54 target genes of miR8181, nine genes that exhibited similar expression to that of aureochrome5 competed for the same binding site, thus establishing a competing endogenous RNA network. Functional enrichment of the target genes revealed that miR8181 was involved in the regulation of cell differentiation and development in S. japonica. Moreover, overexpression of miR8181 resulted in significant decreases in the cell growth rates of Phaeodactylum tricornutum, suggesting negative roles of miR8181 in regulating cell growth. Our study revealed that miR8181, the targeting miRNA of aureochrome5, played negative roles in cell growth and development. Copyright © 2021 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.


    Xiaoqi Yang, Xiuliang Wang, Jianting Yao, Wei Li, Delin Duan. MiR8181 is involved in the cell growth regulation of Saccharina japonica. Journal of plant physiology. 2021 May;260:153394

    PMID: 33676110

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