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    Clinical salmonellosis has been increasing significantly in Brazil in recent years. A total of 130 outbreaks distributed among 10 swine-producing states were investigated. One representative Salmonella isolate from each outbreak was characterized through serotyping, antimicrobial resistance profiles, PFGE, and WGS. From 130 outbreaks: 50 were enteric, 48 were septicemic, 17 cases were characterized as hepato-biliary invasive, 13 as nodal and two were not classified. The most prevalent serovars were a monophasic variant of S. typhimurium (55/130), Choleraesuis (46/130), and Typhimurium (14/130). Most of the strains (86.92%) demonstrated a high rate of multi-drug resistance. The identification of a major Choleraesuis clonal group in several Brazilian states sharing the same resistance genes suggested that these strains were closely related. Six strains from this clonal group were sequenced, revealing the same ST-145 and 11 to 47 different SNPs. The detected plasmid type showed multiple marker genes as RepA_1_pKPC-CAV1321, the first to be reported in Salmonella. All AMR genes detected in the genomes were likely present on plasmids, and their phenotype was related to genotypic resistance genes. These findings reveal that salmonellosis is endemic in the most important pig-producing states in Brazil, emphasizing the need to make data available to aid in reducing its occurrence.


    Mariana Meneguzzi, Caroline Pissetti, Raquel Rebelatto, Julian Trachsel, Suzana Satomi Kuchiishi, Adrienny Trindade Reis, Roberto Maurício Carvalho Guedes, Joice Aparecida Leão, Caroline Reichen, Jalusa Deon Kich. Re-Emergence of Salmonellosis in Hog Farms: Outbreak and Bacteriological Characterization. Microorganisms. 2021 Apr 27;9(5)

    PMID: 33925758

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