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    This Letter reports a novel helical sapphire fiber Bragg grating (HSFBG) in a single crystal sapphire fiber with diameter of 60 µm fabricated by a 515 nm femtosecond laser. Due to the large refractive index modulation region and high structural symmetry of the HSFBGs, high-reflectivity and high-quality spectra can be prepared and additionally have good bending resistance. The spectral properties of HSFBGs with different helical diameters are studied. When the helical diameter is 30 µm, the reflectivity of HSFBG is 40%, the full width at half-maximum is 1.56 nm, and the signal-to-noise ratio is 16 dB. For the HSFBG bending test, the minimum bending radius is 5 mm, which can still maintain relatively good spectral quality. In addition, the HSFBG array with different periods has been successfully cascaded in a sapphire fiber. The experimental results of the HSFBG high-temperature test show that this HSFBG can work reliably at 1600°C, and the temperature sensitivity in the high-temperature range can reach 35.55 pm/°C. This HSFBG can be used in high-temperature and harsh environments, such as metal smelting and aeroengine structural health monitoring.


    Qi Guo, Shanren Liu, Xuepeng Pan, Bo Wang, Zhennan Tian, Chao Chen, Qidai Chen, Yongsen Yu, Hongbo Sun. Femtosecond laser inscribed helical sapphire fiber Bragg gratings. Optics letters. 2021 Oct 01;46(19):4836-4839

    PMID: 34598212

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