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    Growing evidence supports a role for deficient Wnt signalling in Alzheimer's disease (AD). First, the Wnt antagonist DKK1 is elevated in AD brains and is required for amyloid-β-induced synapse loss. Second, LRP6 Wnt co-receptor is required for synapse integrity and three variants of this receptor are linked to late-onset AD. However, the expression/role of other Wnt signalling components remain poorly explored in AD. Wnt receptors Frizzled1 (Fzd1), Fzd5, Fzd7 and Fzd9 are of interest due to their role in synapse formation/plasticity. Our analyses showed reduced FZD1 and FZD7 mRNA levels in the hippocampus of human early AD stages and in the hAPPNLGF/NLGF mouse model. This transcriptional downregulation was accompanied by reduced levels of the pro-transcriptional histone mark H4K16ac and a concomitant increase of its deacetylase Sirt2 at Fzd1 and Fzd7 promoters in AD. In vitro and in vivo inhibition of Sirt2 rescued Fzd1 and Fzd7 mRNA expression and H4K16ac levels at their promoters. In addition, we showed that Sirt2 recruitment to Fzd1 and Fzd7 promoters is dependent on FoxO1 activity in AD, thus acting as a co-repressor. Finally, we found reduced levels of SIRT2 inhibitory phosphorylation in nuclear samples from human early AD stages with a concomitant increase in the SIRT2 phosphatase PP2C. This results in hyperactive nuclear Sirt2 and favours Fzd1 and Fzd7 repression in AD. Collectively, our findings define a novel role for nuclear hyperactivated SIRT2 in repressing Fzd1 and Fzd7 expression via H4K16ac deacetylation in AD. We propose SIRT2 as an attractive target to ameliorate AD pathology.© 2022. The Author(s).


    Ernest Palomer, Núria Martín-Flores, Sarah Jolly, Patricia Pascual-Vargas, Stefano Benvegnù, Marina Podpolny, Samuel Teo, Kadi Vaher, Takashi Saito, Takaomi C Saido, Paul Whiting, Patricia C Salinas. Epigenetic repression of Wnt receptors in AD: a role for Sirtuin2-induced H4K16ac deacetylation of Frizzled1 and Frizzled7 promoters. Molecular psychiatry. 2022 Mar 16

    PMID: 35296808

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