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    Supramolecular hybrids of graphene quantum dots (GQDs) and phthalocyanine (Pc) dyes were studied as turn-OFF-ON photoluminescence nanosensors for detection of ds-DNA. Pcs with four (Pc4) and eight (Pc8) positive charges were selected to interact with negatively charged GQDs. The photoluminescence of the GQDs was quenched upon interaction with the Pcs, due to the formation of non-emissive complexes. In the presence of ds-DNA, the Pcs interacted preferentially with the negatively charged ds-DNA, lifting the quenching effect over the photoluminescence of the GQDs and restoring their emission intensity. The best performance as a sensor of ds-DNA was registered for the GQD-Pc8, with a limit of detection (LOD) in the picomolar range. The LOD for GQD-Pc8 was more than one order of magnitude lower and its sensitivity was about a factor of three higher than that of the analogue GQD-Pc4 nanosensor. The sensitivity and selectivity of this simple GQD-Pc8 nanosensor is comparable to those of the more sophisticated carbon-based nanosensors for DNA reported previously.


    Ana M Santiago, Carla I M Santos, Leandro M O Lourenço, Inês F A Mariz, João P C Tomé, Ermelinda Maçôas. Graphene Quantum Dots and Phthalocyanines Turn-OFF-ON Photoluminescence Nanosensor for ds-DNA. Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland). 2022 May 31;12(11)

    PMID: 35683746

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