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    A study on the reactivity of 3-amino α,β-unsaturated γ-lactam derivatives obtained from a multicomponent reaction is presented. Key features of the substrates are the presence of an endocyclic α,β-unsaturated amide moiety and an enamine functionality. Following different synthetic protocols, the functionalization at three different positions of the lactam core is achieved. In the presence of a soft base, under thermodynamic conditions, the functionalization at C-4 takes place where the substrates behave as enamines, while the use of a strong base, under kinetic conditions, leads to the formation of C-5-functionalized γ-lactams, in the presence of ethyl glyoxalate, through a highly diastereoselective vinylogous aldol reaction. Moreover, the nucleophilic addition of organometallic species allows the functionalization at C-3, through the imine tautomer, affording γ-lactams bearing tetrasubstituted stereocenters, where the substrates act as imine electrophiles. Taking into account the advantage of the presence of a chiral stereocenter in C-5 substituted γ-lactams, further diastereoselective transformations are also explored, leading to novel bicyclic substrates holding a fused γ and δ-lactam skeleton. Remarkably, an example of a highly stereoselective formal [3+3] cycloaddition reaction of chiral γ-lactam substrates is reported for the synthesis of 1,4-dihidropyridines, where a non-covalent attractive interaction of a carbonyl group with an electron-deficient arene seems to drive the stereoselectivity of the reaction to the exclusive formation of the cis isomer. In order to unambiguously determine the substitution pattern resulting from the diverse reactions, an extensive characterization of the substrates is detailed through 2D NMR and/or X-ray experiments. Likewise, applications of the substrates as antiproliferative agents against lung and ovarian cancer cells are also described.


    Adrián López-Francés, Xabier Del Corte, Zuriñe Serna-Burgos, Edorta Martínez de Marigorta, Francisco Palacios, Javier Vicario. Exploring the Synthetic Potential of γ-Lactam Derivatives Obtained from a Multicomponent Reaction-Applications as Antiproliferative Agents. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 2022 Jun 05;27(11)

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    PMID: 35684563

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