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    Iodine(III) reagents have attracted chemical relvance in organic synthesis by their use as safe, non-toxic, green and easy to handle reagents in different transformations. These characteristics make them important alternatives to procedures involving hazardous and harsh reaction conditions. Their versatility as oxidants has been exploited in the functionalization of different aromatic cores, which allow the introduction of several groups. Metal-free arylation using iodine(III) reagents is by far one of the most described topics in the literature; however, other highly relevant non-aromatic groups have been also introduced. Herein, we summarize the most representative developed procedures for the functionalization of aryls and heteroaryls by introducing halogens, using different iodine(III) reagents.


    Luis A Segura-Quezada, Karina R Torres-Carbajal, Kevin A Juárez-Ornelas, Angel J Alonso-Castro, Rafael Ortiz-Alvarado, Toshifumi Dohi, César R Solorio-Alvarado. Iodine(III) reagents for oxidative aromatic halogenation. Organic & biomolecular chemistry. 2022 Jun 15

    PMID: 35703407

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