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    lt;b>Background and Objective:</b> Cytochrome c oxidase gene subunit-I (COI) has conserved and variable regions and along with the 658 nucleotide base pairs at the '5 of these have been used as animal barcode, species identification and evolutionary studies of several vertebrates, especially Anura. This research was conducted to characterize the nucleotides of the COI sequence gene of (<i>Limnonectes cf. grunniens</i>) that live sympatrically with <i>L. modestus</i> on several headwater streams in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. <b>Materials and Methods:</b> This research is explorative, samples of frogs were obtained from the Lahundape and Moramo headwater streams. A total of 16 frogs were sampled and the genomic DNA of frog samples was extracted and, then amplified using the PCR method. The next steps are sequencing and analysis using MEGA 7. <b>Results:</b> The result showed nucleotides along 688 to 705 base pairs. There were two haplotypes of <i>L. cf. grunniens</i> and three <i>L. modestus</i>. <i>L. cf. grunniens </i>consist of 32.6% Thymine (Uracil), 32.3% Cytisine, 17.9% Adenine and 17.9% Guanine. While <i>L. modestus</i> is 37.6% Thymine, 26.0% Cytosine, 20.7% Adenine and 15.8% Guanine. Based on Kimura-2 parameter, the genetic distance between genera ranges from 0.25-0.26 while the genetic distance between species is 0.00-0.01. <b>Conclusion:</b> Phylogeny trees based on partial sequences of COI frog genes showed that <i>L. cf. grunniens</i> and <i>L. modestus</i> are monophyletic with bootstrapped values ranging from 86-100% and differentiated between species. There is a genetic variability of COI sequences of <i>Limnonectes cf. grunniens</i> and <i>L. modestus</i> from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi.


    Suriana, Nasaruddin, Jamili, Taufik Walhidayah. Characteristics Evaluation of a Barcode Sequence of Two Limnonectes (Anura) Sympatric Populations from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS. 2022 Jan;25(8):732-740

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