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    The quantum simulation of dynamical gauge field theories offers the opportunity to study complex high-energy physics with controllable low-energy devices. For quantum computation, bosonic codes promise robust error correction that exploits multiparticle redundancy in bosons. Here, we demonstrate how bosonic codes can be used to simulate dynamical gauge fields. We encode both matter and dynamical gauge fields in a network of resonators that are coupled via three-wave mixing. The mapping to a Z_{2} dynamical lattice gauge theory is established when the gauge resonators operate as Schrödinger cat states. We explore the optimal conditions under which the system preserves the required gauge symmetries. Our findings promote realizing high-energy models using bosonic codes.


    Javier Del Pino, Oded Zilberberg. Dynamical Gauge Fields with Bosonic Codes. Physical review letters. 2023 Apr 28;130(17):171901

    PMID: 37172225

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