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Stomata are distributed in nearly all major groups of land plants, with the only exception being liverworts. Instead of having stomata on sporophytes, many complex thalloid liverworts possess air pores in their gametophytes. At present, whether stomata in land plants are derived from a common origin remains under debate.1,2,3 In Arabidopsis thaliana, a core regulatory module for stomatal development comprises members of the bHLH transcription factor (TF) family, including AtSPCH, AtMUTE, and AtFAMA of subfamily Ia and AtSCRM1/2 of subfamily IIIb. Specifically, AtSPCH, AtMUTE, and AtFAMA each successively form heterodimers with AtSCRM1/2, which in turn regulate the entry, division, and differentiation of stomatal lineages.4,5,6,7 In the moss Physcomitrium patens, two SMF (SPCH, MUTE and FAMA) orthologs have been characterized, one of which is functionally conserved in regulating stomatal development.8,9 We here provide experimental evidence that orthologous bHLH TFs in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha affect air pore spacing as well as the development of the epidermis and gametangiophores. We found that the bHLH Ia and IIIb heterodimeric module is highly conserved in plants. Genetic complementation experiments showed that liverwort SCRM and SMF genes weakly restored a stomata phenotype in atscrm1, atmute, and atfama mutant backgrounds in A. thaliana. In addition, homologs of stomatal development regulators FLP and MYB88 also exist in liverworts and weakly rescued the stomatal phenotype of atflp/myb88 double mutant. These results provide evidence not only for a common origin of all stomata in extant plants but also for relatively simple stomata in the ancestral plant. Copyright © 2023 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Guanxiao Chang, Jianchao Ma, Shuanghua Wang, Mengmeng Tang, Bo Zhang, Yadi Ma, Lijuan Li, Guiling Sun, Shanshan Dong, Yang Liu, Yun Zhou, Xiangyang Hu, Chun-Peng Song, Jinling Huang. Liverwort bHLH transcription factors and the origin of stomata in plants. Current biology : CB. 2023 Jul 10;33(13):2806-2813.e6

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PMID: 37321212

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