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Healthcare resources are heavily burdened by infections that impede the wound-healing process. A wide range of advanced technologies have been developed for detecting and quantifying infection biomarkers. Finding a timely, accurate, non-invasive diagnostic alternative that does not require a high level of training is a critical step toward arresting common clinical patterns of wound health decline. There is growing interest in the development of innovative diagnostics utilizing a variety of emerging technologies, and new biomarkers have been investigated as potential indicators of wound infection. In this review, we summarize diagnostics available for wound infection, including those used in clinics and still under development. Copyright © 2023 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Shu-Wei Huang, Yu-Feng Wu, Tanvir Ahmed, Shin-Chen Pan, Chao-Min Cheng. Point-of-care detection devices for wound care and monitoring. Trends in biotechnology. 2023 Aug 08

PMID: 37563037

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