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Gene Symbol:
CTSK Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
cathepsin K
CTS02, CTSO, CTSO1, CTSO2, PKND, PYCD, cathepsin K, cathepsin O, cathepsin O1, cathepsin O2, cathepsin X
Genomic Location:
Chr 1: 149035311-149047436
The protein encoded by this gene is a lysosomal cysteine proteinase involved in bone remodeling and resorption. This protein, which is a member of the peptidase C1 protein family, is predominantly expressed in osteoclasts. However, the encoded protein is also expressed in a significant fraction of human breast cancers, where it could contribute to ...
Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus Macaca mulatta Gallus gallus Pan troglodytes Bos taurus Danio rerio Canis lupus familiaris
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Cytogenetic Map:
chr 1

Transcripts Names
Protein Names

GO Molecular Function

proteoglycan binding | protein-containing complex binding | hydrolase activity | carbohydrate derivative binding | cysteine-type peptidase activity | catalytic activity | serine hydrolase activity | collagen binding | cysteine-type endopeptidase activity | protein binding | serine-type endopeptidase activity | serine-type peptidase activity | endopeptidase activity | peptidase activity | fibronectin binding

GO Biological Process

extracellular structure organization | proteolysis | bone remodeling | tissue homeostasis | autophagy of mitochondrion | cellular process | organic substance catabolic process | proteolysis involved in cellular protein catabolic process | tissue remodeling | regulation of cell differentiation | anatomical structure homeostasis | regulation of cellular process | catabolic process | bone resorption | cellular component organization | collagen catabolic process | multicellular organismal homeostasis | regulation of epithelial cell differentiation | cellular protein catabolic process | extracellular matrix organization | mitochondrion organization | cysteine-type peptidase activity | nitrogen compound metabolic process | protein catabolic process | regulation of epidermis development | intramembranous ossification | regulation of keratinocyte differentiation | autophagy | homeostatic process | cysteine-type endopeptidase activity | organelle disassembly | protein metabolic process | cellular macromolecule catabolic process | metabolic process | organic substance metabolic process | serine-type endopeptidase activity | serine-type peptidase activity | organonitrogen compound catabolic process | endopeptidase activity | cellular protein metabolic process | collagen metabolic process | regulation of developmental process | organelle organization | ossification | cellular metabolic process | peptidase activity | extracellular matrix disassembly | regulation of epidermal cell differentiation | macromolecule metabolic process | multicellular organismal process

GO Cellular Component

endolysosome | intracellular membrane-bounded organelle | cytoplasmic vesicle | cell | nuclear lumen | vacuolar lumen | cytoplasm | intracellular organelle | endomembrane system | nucleoplasm | vacuole | vesicle | endolysosome lumen | lytic vacuole | endosome | extracellular region | membrane-bounded organelle | endosome lumen | nucleus | organelle | lysosome | extracellular space | membrane-enclosed lumen | lysosomal lumen | intracellular vesicle | intracellular