Correlation Engine 2.0
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QuickView Quick Start

See a top-level view of all the information Correlation Engine has about a gene, SNP, sequence region, biogroup, bioset, phenotype, compound, tissue, or keyword.

1 Query.

Enter a gene, SNP, sequence region, phenotype, tissue, compound, biogroup, or any keyword.

You can also select a term from the auto-complete menu.

To see the top 5 results from each app:

  • Click the QuickView icon QuickView icon in the app menu. (You can do this from any page.)
  • If you're already on a QuickView page, press Enter on your keyboard, or click the QuickView button next to the query field.

You can also query QuickView with a bioset.

2 Expand.

Click a result's name to expand that result.

Or, click the app icon in a results section to query that app.

3 Explore.

To see information about your query term collected from public databases:

  • Click the General Info tab on your QuickView results page.