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Name: Plutonium
PubChem Compound ID: 23940
Description: Plutonium. A naturally radioactive element of the actinide metals series. It has the atomic symbol Pu, atomic number 94, and atomic weight 242. Plutonium is used as a nuclear fuel, to produce radioisotopes for research, in radionuclide batteries for pacemakers, and as the agent of fission in nuclear weapons.
Molecular formula: Pu
Molecular weight: 244 g/mol
Plutonium, ion(4+); HSDB 6465; Pu5; Plutonium, ion(Pu5 ); PLUTONIUM; Pu; 22541-44-2; EINECS 231-117-7; CHEBI:33388; 94Pu.
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