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Name: Growth Hormone, Recombinant
Description: Growth hormone (somatotropin) can be synthesized with methods of recombinant DNA technology. Since action of GH is highly species-specific, recombinant growth hormones of several species (including humans, cows, and pigs) have been developed. They have been used to stimulate growth.
Somatotropins, Recombinant; Growth Hormones, Recombinant; Recombinant Growth Hormones; Growth Hormones Pituitary, Recombinant; Recombinant Growth Hormone; Recombinant Pituitary Growth Hormones; Recombinant Somatotropin; Pituitary Growth Hormones, Recombinant; Recombinant Somatotropins; Somatotropin, Recombinant