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Name: Saxitoxin
PubChem Compound ID: 37165
Description: A compound that contains a reduced purine ring system but is not biosynthetically related to the purine alkaloids. It is a poison found in certain edible mollusks at certain times; elaborated by GONYAULAX and consumed by mollusks, fishes, etc. without ill effects. It is neurotoxic and causes RESPIRATORY PARALYSIS and other effects in MAMMALS, known as paralytic SHELLFISH poisoning.
Molecular formula: C10H17N7O4
Molecular weight: 299.287 g/mol
Saxitoxin (8CI); 51938-46-6; Mytilus californianus poison; C13757; 1H,10H-Pyrrolo(1,2-c)purine-10,10-diol, 2,6-diamino-4-(((amino-carbonyl)oxy)methyl)-3a,4,8,9-tetrahydro-, (3aS-(3a-alpha,4-alpha,10aR*)); Saxitoxin; 1H,10H-Pyrrolo(1,2-c)purine-10,10-diol, 2,6-diamino-4-(((aminocarbonyl)oxy)methyl)-3a,4,8,9-tetrahydro-, labeled with tritium, (3aS-(3aalpha,4alpha,10aR*))-; Saxidomus giganteus poison; 35523-89-8; Gonyaulax catenella poison.
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