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The rates of inhibition of mouse acetylcholinesterase (AChE) (EC by paraoxon, haloxon, DDVP, and enantiomers of neutral alkyl methylphosphonyl thioates and cationic alkyl methylphosphonyl thiocholines were measured in the presence and absence of AChE peripheral site inhibitors: gallamine, D-tubocurarine, propidium, atropine and derivatives of coumarin. All ligands, except the coumarins, at submillimolar concentrations enhanced the rates of inhibition by neutral organophosphorus compounds (OPs) while inhibition rates by cationic OPs were slowed down. When peripheral site ligand concentrations extended to millimolar, the extent of the enhancement decreased creating a bell shaped activation profile. Analysis of inhibition by DDVP and haloxon revealed that peripheral site inhibitors increased the second order reaction rates by increasing maximal rates of phosphylation.


Z Radić, P Taylor. The influence of peripheral site ligands on the reaction of symmetric and chiral organophosphates with wildtype and mutant acetylcholinesterases. Chemico-biological interactions. 1999 May 14;119-120:111-7

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PMID: 10421444

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